The site is up

Hei World! This is the website of Wandurr Creations. We are a small game studio of two people, located in Central Finland.

I finally got around to spending some time with the website project and it's now at a point where the site is pretty functional (even though it lacks content and pages, but that will change in time). The site is aimed at modern browsers, it's 2014 and I don't think I can keep even scraps of my sanity if I try to cater for ancient versions of IE. Sorry about that, but it is what it is.

While designing the theme for Anchor - based on James Dinsdale's Bushwick - I once again remembered what pain it is to juggle with the box model, CSS, fonts (did you know that you cannot load Google fonts through http if you are using https) and all the different browsers and their implementations of ... everything.

Oh well. At least the site is quite operational now, and mainly needs content now. There will be occasional blog posting and hopefully games to be showcased at some point.

Welcome, visitor. Stay a while.

This article was written by argontus .