Playing with logo ideas

I recently got myself a set of fountain pens, inks and nibs - I've had a blast for the past few days with the basic calligraphy alphabets and just playing with the ink.

At the moment I'm toying with ideas for Wandurr logo, and I think I'm getting closer. I've been studying all sorts of company logos, especially game company logos, for a while now and starting to be really convinced that less is more especially in logo design.

Most memorable logos are really simple and still unique, with a legible but clearly distinct typography and only in some cases with a picture. As Wandurr doesn't really mean anything and might be interpreted as a mangled version of 'wonder' or 'wander', I think a picture would just be confusing and not really make it more memorable.

Some of the sketches are in the sidebar. I've filled pages upon pages with all kinds of ideas, refining ideas that I like so that little by little, the logo is starting to shape up. It's like sanding a rough jewel: first phases are radical and the form changes a lot, but gradually it starts to settle down and each successive iteration makes less and less changes to the overall shape.

Oh, and happy new year 2015 to everyone! May this year bring lots of meaningful and important moments, laughter and joy, wonder and awe!

This article was written by argontus .