Game gems part 0: Wut wut?

Game gems, what is it all about? Well let me tell you. Hold on to your celestial weapons and hollow shields, this dragon is going to take off.

For a long time now I've wanted to speak about the games of my life. I think the reason that has kept me from writing has been the fact that I'm a bit too embarassed and worried about my English (I make mistakes every now and then) to be able to enjoy writing. I thought that if I visit the pardoner now, I'll be forever free of the sins I commit against any grammar rules. So pardoner, I hope you hear this, I'd do anything if you'd be kind enough to pardon me. I hope that helped.

Since this is the first post in the series of game gems, I'm not going to write about any particular game. Instead I'm going to talk a bit about what kind of games I have played, the things I can't get enough of and what I'd rather not do again. These are my personal thoughts and I'm glad we all have different ones. That's what makes this world so beautifully rich.

I've always been an adventurer by nature. I love exploring, finding secrets and looking for clues. I search every nook and cranny even when it's quite sure I won't find anything. This is one of the facts that make some games feel more natural to me than others. Imagine me trying to explore in e.g. Tetris, Bejewelled or the likes. ;) All geniously simple games, but honestly won't keep me coming back for more. Well then, what does?

Read the following lines in your mind with as enthusiastic voice as you can. The thrill of finding treasure chests and maps, getting surpised by mimics and random golden jellyfishes after hours of travelling, or finally getting to a hidden cave that contains invaluable loot that will help you on your journey. The charm of exploring is present e.g. in the following games: Legend of Grimrock 1&2, Souls games (Demon's, Dark 1&2), Borderlands 1&2, Dragon's Dogma, Rayman Origins and Legends, Minecraft, Skyrim, Uncharted and Metal Gear Solid series, Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts games, and last but not least my newest friend, Archeage. I must have forgot some, but right now these are the ones that are on top of the icy peak of my mind and these will most likely be the games I'll write more about in the future.

So how do I pick up the games I play? I usually don't make requirements like "it must be open world" or "I only play 3D games". If I did, I propably would have missed many of the brilliant game gems I mentioned earlier. I try to keep an open mind when it comes to trying out new games. And to be completely honest, most of the games I've tried have been introduced to me by Mardekumma. So Mardekumma, thank you for that. :)

I almost forgot, I promised to tell you what I'd rather not do again. Ever. Nu'uh. Mini-games of Final Fantasy. Oh dear, if chocobo racing and dodging lightning bolts sounds even remotely familiar to you, I'm sure you'll get what I'm rambling about. I can't even come up with another game with as tedious mini-games as in FF series. I can only hope Mardekumma won't puke if someone mentions the word Blitzball.. Who on earth thought it was a good idea to hide the only way to access one of the (if not THE) strongest weapons in FFX? Really. Who?


Any final words? You now know something about me and games. Here comes some random facts:

I don't like hack n' slash type of combat and pointing out enemies weak spots. I like strategic elements, variation in gameplay and the sense of danger. I don't seek combat but I won't run away from a fight either (I'd rather equip peaceful shield to keep the enemies away ;). I appreciate if I get to customize my character and have a weak spot in picking up anything I can find. Item burden or limited inventory is a pain.. I'm looking at you Demon's Souls, Dragon Age Origins, Skyrim, Archeage, Borderlands and Minecraft. With some games I turn into a completionist. And my biggest flaw is not paying enough intrest in tutorials.

The dragon has landed and went back to slumber. These words will end my post this time. It kind of feels good to sit down and write, you know. If you shared any familiar thoughts or got curious to hear more, please stay. I'll see you next time.

This article was written by mussuponkki .